Why are so many people scared of eating bread? Ask any woman trying to lose weight what the main food they cut out of their diet is, and more than likely they will answer – bread.

“Oh I can’t eat bread. Bread puts on weight and makes me feel bloated and sluggish,” they say.

Bread has been a major part of our diet for thousands of years. It’s a staple in most people’s pantries and is one of the most widely consumed foods in the world.

But why does watching what you eat mean sacrificing bread? Say the word ‘bread’ or ‘carbohydrates’ to a woman and they instantly start to sweat and envisage it going directly to their hips, thighs and stomachs.

The bread that is produced today commercially for the masses is not of the same quality as breads of days gone by. Originally breads were created from ground grains and water which when left out in the sun, formed a crust. That was it, nothing else added, just pure grains and water.

Today’s breads however are full of sugars and preservatives and if you look at the ingredients in white bread in particular, you’ll find that nutritionally there’s nothing very positive to talk about. Many ingredients are not listed on the bread bags and if they are they are, most of the time they are numbers or descriptions that make no sense to the general consumer.

Although there are a lot more varieties of bread on the market, and even though a bread is full of grains and seeds and marked with a healthy tick (and/or some marketing term that indicates that it is good for you), it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a good choice. Beware, because it can still be loaded with sugars, fats and other unknown ingredients.

We can thank the multi-million dollar diet industry for instilling the fear of eating bread in adults all over the world. Trend diets that eliminate carbohydrates of any kind or make consist of just shakes or pills for rapid weight loss, have played a major role in forming this fear of eating bread.

When it comes to baking and appreciating the importance of healthy bread in our every day, the team at Herman Brot know what they are talking about. Herman Brot’s Christian Coenen is a sixth generation baker from Germany who has embraced his family’s customs and heritage to be able to deliver a high quality bread, which he hopes will again see bread becoming a staple part of everyone’s diets.

Herman Brot Low Carb Bread is one of a kind. There’s no competitor in the Australian market that comes close to what this bread has to offer. It’s the lowest carb, highest protein and lowest GI bread in the country.

People should not be scared to eat this bread. With only 5g of carbs per 100g (approx 2 slices) the thought of eating this delicious bread which is full of nuts and seeds, is not a frightening thing for those watching their weight. If incorporated into a clean eating diet plan, everyone can now enjoy a good source of carbohydrate and protein in their everyday.

Diabetics will also delight in a bread with an extraordinary GI 24 and the body building/fitness industry will also be excited about the fact that the bread offers 26g of protein per 100g.

Thanks to the introduction of Herman Brot Low Carb Bread, no longer do people looking to lose weight and improve their health, need to be frightened about eating the basic food that is bread.

Herman Brot Low Carb Bread