Hiya, I received my 5 loaves of low carb bread and packet of pasta yesterday. It takes two days for it to get to Darwin but it was still lovely and fresh and I have popped it all in the freezer. I’ve had some bread last night and today and I LOVE IT! Oh it is so nice to have real bread. I am on low carb for diabetes and have reluctantly been making my own bread with almond/coconut flour and loads of eggs and I just wasn’t enjoying it at all. With your bread my sugar levels hardly moved at all – I am super impressed!

I’ve given some of the bread today work colleagues to try and I’m sure they will be putting in an order for it. I will definitely be ordering again and letting everyone I know about it. I’m going to let my doctor know too as she will be keen to let her other diabetic patients know as we are all whinging to her how we miss decent bread! I haven’t tried the pasta yet though.. will do that over the weekend. Anyway thought I’d let you know how impressed I am with your bread. Thanks so much. Cheers, Julie