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We all love a burger! Whether it be a beef, chicken or vegetarian burger, it’s all about the bun and the brand-new HermanBurger Protein Bun is a game-changer.

With nutritional figures that cannot be matched, the HermanBurger Protein Bun is loaded with protein and boasts lower carbohydrates than any other burger bun on the market.

The team at Herman Brot are renowned for creating fresh, healthy and nutritious staple foods that are low in carbohydrates, high in protein and are low GI, and the latest addition to their product suite also boasts these outstanding values.

The HermanBurger Protein Bun has an incredible 19.3g protein per serve (1 bun), has only 7.7g of carbohydrates and is Low GI=31.

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The bread that all health-conscious people and those on New Year weight loss programs are talking about is now available to be ordered in special resealable long-life packaging.

“The special packaging means that customers in remote areas can order our bread without concern that it will be close to expiry, before it arrives at their door,” said Herman Brot’s Christian Coenen.

“The bread lasts in the long-life package for 4 weeks from date of baking.   Once opened it lasts as per a normal fresh loaf of bread, which is up to 5 days.”

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In 2013 Herman Brot commissioned The University of Sydney University (SUGiRS) to test Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread.  The study established that “Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread has an extremely low Glycemic Index of 24 and a Glycemic Load of 1, making it the lowest GI/GL bread on the market today.

The report also concluded “Therefore, the bread would be suitable for consumption by people with diabetes in controlled amounts in line with their individual dietary requirements.”

Since Herman Brot launched their bread into the Australian market 2 and ½ years ago, they’ve received numerous testimonials from adults with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, who were thrilled to be able to eat bread again.

Their most recent diabetes related testimonial came from the mother of a 7 year old on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Freya was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was a baby. She has spent the past 7 years being a positive, happy and healthy kid. We have always tried to keep to a low GI diet, which has helped control her blood glucose spikes. We were so excited when we found your bread a few months ago. Freya now has your bread for breakfast and lunch most days. Her blood glucose levels at school are so much more stable and she has reduced the number of injections she has most days! Freya is super fit (and a great dancer!). Thanks to the Herman Brot team for creating such fantastic products (that taste good too!).

Thanks again


With the number of cases of Juvenile Diabetes in Australia increasing each year, the team at Herman Brot are thrilled that they can provide staple foods (bread and pasta – GI22) that are both suitable (in conjunction with consultation from their doctor/diabetes educator) to be added into diets of children with the disease.

All the figures, testimonials and research that Herman Brot have received, are testament to how good their products are; but to top it off, Herman Brot’s Christian Coenen, a former Type 2 diabetic also has first hand experience about how his products can help in the management of diabetes.

Four years ago, Herman Brot’s Christian Coenen’s body was a ticking time bomb.  He had Type 2 diabetes (blood glucose level was at 17.5), high blood pressure, was 60+kg overweight and was the most unhealthy he had ever been.

“I was 140kg.  I had been obese for the last 25 years of my life and after a warning from my doctor, I knew I had to change my lifestyle and I made the choice to bring my weight back to normal.”

“I banned all food that was high in sugar and fat content off my daily nutrition and fruit and vegetables became a regular part of my nutrition.”  “I ate normal fresh healthy foods and combined it with exercise,” said Christian.

At the time, Christian a German baker by trade was setting up a business to bring a low carb, high protein, low GI bread into the Australian market.  It was this bread that Christian incorporated into his diet that helped him achieve his goals.  It kept him satisfied while providing him with the nutrition that his body needed.

Within 9 months, Christian lost 60kg and is now the healthiest he has ever been.  He maintains his blood sugar within the normal range.  He has amazed his doctor Dr Navid Hamidani by reversing his diabetes and to this day, he continues to maintain his new healthy lifestyle.

Christian and the team at Herman Brot’s goal is to continue to provide Australian’s with access to very healthy products with no hidden ingredients that will aid in improving their overall health.

Herman Brot will also be launching some fabulous new products into the marketplace in early 2017.

Christian Coenan says, “we have something very exciting in development” and “we hope to see it released early 2017…
The 1st retailer in NEWCASTLE is stocking Herman Brot Lower Carb Products.

Look out for Lower Carb Bread and Pasta at the SUPA IGA (Ritchies) in Broadmeadow. Please see details on Store Locator.

A big Thank You to all people being so patient and waiting for our products to be available in Newcastle area.

While Western Australia has been successfully distributing Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread and Herman Brot Lower Carb Pasta for more than a year, we now welcome the first retailer in Tasmania on board! Please see details on Store Locator.