I am an advocate of the benefits of your amazing low carb low GI bread.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 years ago.
Up to early last year I had managed to keep this disease fairly well under control.
However, since mid 2015 I have been ONLY eating your bread which I purchase from Foodworks Canungra as I live in Wonglepong!!!!
Yes.. not too far from your establishment…
Anyway upon returning to my doctor for regular blood checkups re my type 2 it was found that my disease was actually going into ‘remission’.
In fact recently my doctor said that I have ‘normal’ levels of blood sugar and am not really a Type 2 sufferer any longer!!!!
The only reason I can put down to this, and my doctor agrees, is the change in my consumption of carbs and more specifically, the type of bread I am eating.
This is an amazing result and I highly commend your bread to EVERYONE including my own family members.

Kind regards