Herman Brot Foods Are For M.E!

Sep 8, 2020

Australia’s Favourite Biggest Loser Margie Cummins Says Herman Brot Foods Are For M.E!

Hey guys!

Remember me?  Of course you do!  I was the winner of the 2012 Australian season of The Biggest Loser.

Or maybe you know me from the sport of Powerlifting, after I took out the title of Australia’s Top Female Powerlifter in my class (11th in the world), after winning Proraw6 in 2014 with a lift of 225kgs. If you don’t know me from a bar of soap, that’s OK, just keep reading anyway.

After winning the show and being asked by people how I achieved my 73 kg weight loss, and could I help them do the same, I put together a program for people to follow and called it “Rock Bottom”, because that was where I felt I had started from.  I released it in early 2014 and it did incredibly well, and so did the people who used it.  I was shocked (and pleased).  However, in early 2015 and continuing for a couple of years after that, I went through hell due to non-stop trolling & stalking.  It was so horrendous, that to cope, I returned to emotional eating and shut myself off from the world.  Due to this, I gained back some of the 73 kilos I lost.  I felt completely overwhelmed. To be honest, I thought I had failed.  But guess what – I hadn’t.  This preconceived idea that once you lose your weight you have to keep it off or you have failed in some way, is just not true. Sometimes, life gets in the way.  It’s about how you recover, how to fight back, that shows who and what you are.

I used to think being on The Biggest Loser was the best way to motivate people.  Until I realised that it wasn’t.  Let’s be honest, anyone & I mean ANYONE can go on The Biggest Loser & lose weight.  It’s such a fake environment, where weigh in is every 10 – 12 days, you’re locked away from the outside world.  Zero temptations.  No distractions.  No contact with friends and family.  It’s just not real!  I realised doing this in real life, showing vulnerability, sharing the daily struggles – this is what motivates people to want to change. It also allows others to feel they are not alone.  That others struggle too.  That there is a difference between failing at something and surviving through something.  So I set about changing “Rock Bottom”, to a more complete program.  One that suggested the program was focused on more than weight loss, but also self-improvement, growth and positivity just from it’s name. That complete program, is “My Evolution”.

I am really excited to show people what can be done in the outside world.  To show people you don’t need to be locked away or be limited in your lifestyle and food choices, to be able to successfully lose weight.  Best of all, I am privileged to be able to partner with Herman Brot and utilise their products myself and within “My Evolution”, to show you can lose weight and still enjoy the foods you love.

Let’s get real… dieting and being overweight… neither are easy and both can be overwhelming and isolating! Sometimes the hardest part can be making sure you are eating the right things.  But sometimes that can mean giving up things that are everyday staples in family life, maybe even having to change what you get to eat, while watching your family still enjoy the things you can’t.  You end up feeling like you are missing out and that can be enough to tip some people off the wagon.  This is why I recommend and include in the My Evolution plan options, ALL of the wonderful Herman Brot products.

For me, the Herman Brot range was important to include in the My Evolution plan, because it allows everyone the chance to still enjoy bread, pasta and tasty breakfast muesli options.  Creativity in meals and snacks is back, with the bread making a tasting crumb coating for your chicken or fish.  The muesli is amazing as part of a health breakfast parfait, burgers and your favourite bolognese are back on the menu as well!  What’s not to love?

One of the other things that I saw as important, was no more cooking something for you and something for your family, because the Herman Brot products taste so good, everyone in the family wants them.

As an added bonus, everything is high in good protein, low GI, low in carbs and therefore guilt free.  Food prep is easier, as the bread and buns freeze and reheat wonderfully, so you can stock up and have them on hand whenever you need them.  Better still, everything actually tastes amazing!

Trust me – I have done the “hard yards”.  I have gone through the highs and lows of the physical, mental and emotional parts of weight loss.  Anything that can help you get to your goals is a bonus and if your family members can also benefit from it too, it’s a win win in my books.

So if you are wondering if the Herman Brot range is really ok to have while losing weight, or just as a healthy swap for what you are already having, then don’t just take my word for it, try the range for yourself…and if you want a hand with achieving your weight loss goals, maybe give My Evolution a cheeky look too.  You won’t regret either choice!  Click HERE to start your M.E. journey with me.

Margie x

Winner of The Biggest Loser Australia 2012 | Winner of Prowraw6 2014 | www.margiecummins.com