Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Intelligent Eating by providing consumers with healthy and nutritious real food.

Established on the back of 170 years’ experience in the German and French food industry. We are a unique Australian supplier of high protein, low carbohydrate and low GI staple foods.  With a product suite that currently includes low carb bread, low carb buns, protein bread, low carb pasta, protein muesli and protein crackers the benefits of our natural and certified products are outstanding.

All products have the 5 Health Star rating, are suitable for people on weight loss programs, fitness and health orientated people, vegans and/or vegetarians and those on keto diets or other weight loss program.  Each product’s low GI rating couple with being low carb and high protein, may also make them a suitable addition to the diets of people with Type II diabetes.

We pride ourselves on creating staple foods that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner and when it comes to nutritional values, the macros for each of our products are extraordinary.

With the demand for plant-based food on the rise world-wide, with our diverse range of products, we are one of the leaders in the market.

Our mission is to continue to create products that fall into their own unique nutritional category – Low Carb, High Protein and Low GI.

We will continue to feature our key nutritional figures front of pack (FOP) and not make customers search for these figures.

Although our products are premium products and cost a little more, we guarantee that customers who understand nutrition will be more than happy to continue to purchase them because our core audience understand and prioritise nutrition, over price.

At Herman Brot we will continue to create products that appeal to people who understand what their body needs to achieve their health and fitness goals.