Who is Herman Brot?

Herman Brot is a unique Australian supplier of high protein, low carbohydrate and low GI staple foods.  With a product suite that currently includes low carb bread, protein bread, low carb buns, low carb wraps, low carb pasta, protein crackers and protein muesli, the benefits of these natural and certified products with the majority having the five-star health rating.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located at 1/33 Expansion Avenue, Molendinar  QLD  4214 and we have offices/contacts in each state.

Can I visit your head office and buy your products?

There is an option available for ‘click & collect’ for customers, if you're located in the Gold Coast, QLD region.

How do we get in touch with you?

Please email us at info@hermanbrot.com.au or contact us via phone  07 2111 1199 Monday to Friday between 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my order?

The full Terms and Conditions for online shopping can be found on the shop page.  For all concerns, please email us at info@hermanbrot.com.au or call us on 07 2111 1199 Monday to Friday during office hours.



What is the nutritional information on your products?

Please visit our product page to find ingredient statement and full nutritional information on all of our products.

Where is your bread baked?

Our bread is baked by our bakery partners in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, and WA

Where can I find your bread in Australia?

Our Lower Carb Bread and Complete Protein bread is sold nationally in COLES and in selected Independent Supermarkets (IGA, Foodland, Drakes, Romeos, Foodworks, Ritchies, Harris Farm etc), Independent Health Food stores and online via our website.

How is your Lower Carb Bread different to other Lower Carb Breads in the market?

There are now many lower carb breads in the market, but both of our breads have the lowest GI figures and are both high protein breads.  Although some breads in the market are lower in carbs, they cannot match our breads when it comes to all three features – low carb, high protein, low GI.

What is the difference between your Lower Carb bread and your Complete Protein bread?

Our Lower Carb Bread is a dark wholegrain bread made from wheat, soy and pea protein.  Our Complete Protein Bread is a lighter bread made with wheat, pea, sunflower and hemp protein all 9 essential amino acids which makes the Complete Protein Bread outstanding in the market.  It does not contain soy protein.  Our Complete Protein bread also contains sprouted seeds, inulin and prebiotic fibre to aid with digestion.

Why is your bread more expensive than others?

Our breads sit at the premium end of the bread aisle.  Both breads are created using the best ingredients to give us superior nutritional values.  We create products that provide customers with the best products nutritionally and won’t sacrifice that in order to achieve a lower price.    

How do you get the carbs so low?

Due to the high proportion of vegetable proteins and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, linseed and sesame seeds, and at the same time a low proportion of cereal flours in the recipe, the protein content in our protein breads can be kept high and the carbohydrate content low.

Are your products Keto friendly?

Yes, all of our products (except the cheese protein cracker) have nutritional figures that enable them to be incorporated into a KETO diet. 

Are your products suitable for Vegan’s?

All of our products except for our Protein Crackers are created using pure plant protein and are suitable for Vegans.

Are your products suitable for Diabetics?

All of our products are very low GI and coupled with being low carb and having a high protein content, they may assist people with Diabetes keep their levels stable.  We have many customers living with Diabetes use our products.  We also recommend that anyone with diabetes, discusses the use of our products with their dietitian or medical practitioner first to make sure they are suitable additions to their diets? 

Can your products help people on fitness or weight loss programs?

For people looking for protein alternatives, our products are a very good choice.  Many customers in these categories have had success using our products combined with a balanced diet.

Do any of your products contain nuts?

Our product do not contain nuts, but all of our products are produced in bakeries/facilities that produce multiple product lines, so we cannot guarantee that our products are completely peanut free as there might be traces of tree nuts on the production lines and therefore in our products

Please also note that our Peanut Candy Protein Muesli does not contain nuts - just a peanut flavouring.

All your products are Low GI – what does that mean?

The GI method was developed in order to rank equal carbohydrate portions of different food according to the extent to which they increase blood glucose levels after eaten.

Using glucose as the reference foods (GI = 100), foods with a GI value less than 55 are currently considered to be low-GI foods.

Foods with a GI value between 56-69 are medium- or moderate-GI foods, and

Foods with a GI value of 70 or more are high-GI foods.

Similar to GI values, GL values are useful for helping people identify which types and amounts of foods will produce relatively lower blood glucose responses after consumption.

Currently, the consensus is that GL values of 10 or less are low GL.

GL values between 11-19 are medium GL, and

GL values of 20 or more are high GL values.

For more information and GI testing results, please visit our Research page.

What nutritional research have you had done on your products?

All of our products are sent to NATA certified National Measurement Institutes for nutritional testing and then onto one of the leading Universities in Sydney for GI testing.

What is the shelf life of your bread?

Shelf life of our bread is approx. 7 days from fresh/frozen thaw back. In hot weather we suggest storing the product in the fridge or freezer.

Do you add any artificial preservatives or flavourings to your products?

No, we don’t use any artificial ingredients in our products.

You use SOY in your products – is it GMO?

The soy protein that we use in our products is not genetically modified.

Are your products Gluten Free?

No, our products are not gluten free. 



Do you offer sponsorships to sporting clubs / health organisations etc?

We are happy to discuss sponsorships.  Please contact us on marketing@hermanbrot.com.au regarding this.

Do you offer product samples?

We only send product samples to health industry leaders, nutritionists, and dietitians for research/testing.  If you would like to try some of our products, we suggest purchasing one of our mini packs from our online store.


Who do we contact if we want to discuss marketing opportunities/partnerships?

 Please email marketing@hermanbrot.com.au.

WHOLESALE – Café’s/Restaurants

Please contact info@hermanbrot.com.au and we will have our Business Development Manager give you a call.


Who do I contact if I want to stock your products?

Please contact info@hermanbrot.com.au and we will have our State Sales Managers give you a call.       


Please email us on info@hermanbrot.com.au if you have any further questions.