Product Benefits - Low Carb | High Protein | Low GI

Herman Brot have created a suite of products all offering the same key nutritional benefits -

Low Carb | High Protein | Low GI

In a world where there's so much confusion about what you should and should not be eating, we ensure that these 3 key product features are our highlights.

An added feature is that all of our products are made from pure plant protein and VEGAN!

Many companies claim that their products are low carb OR low GI but those statements are not a clear indication of the exact figures.  Many companies just come in under the parameters of being able to call it a 'low carb' or 'low GI' product.  

With Herman Brot products you can be assured that all the information on the pack is clear and easy to find and all products are tested by a leading Sydney University who analyse the product and make recommendations as to it's nutritional benefits.

Customers can download copies of our nutritional reports from the Research Page under Nutrition tab and full nutritional information is available on each product page.

We are also more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have at any time.