Lower Carb Bread, Complete Protein Bread + Sourdough Bread

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    Herman Brot’s Complete Protein Bread is a premium product that is at the cutting edge of the baking industry. Made from sprouted seeds, pea protein and hemp protein, this bread utilises non soy based complete proteins to help provide a better balance of amino acids than found in standard wheat breads. With an incredible 33.1g protein per 100g, this bread is also Low Carb (7g/100g), Low GI=39 and provides a good source of iron.


    Since 2015, Herman Brot's Lower Carb Bread has been a market leader.  There's only 5.0g carbs per serve (2 slices) and an incredible 23.6g protein per serve.  It is also GI=24 which means it may be perfect for people who need to watch their blood glucose levels.

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    Herman Brot’s brand new Lower Carb SOURDOUGH BREAD is one of the lowest carb Sourdough breads on the market.  With only 5.4g carbs per serve and 16.9g protein per serve, this bread is also Low GI.

    3 products