Our aim is to help educate you on why our breads are considered some of the most nutritious breads on the market.

Bread is a staple food that we all love, but often it's one of the first things we eliminate from our diets if we want to lose weight and improve our health.

With the quality of nutritious breads now on the market we are thrilled to say you can continue to enjoy bread!

The key features of our breads are that they are all LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN and LOW GI and are all created using plant based proteins.

Our products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, those on KETO diets, people looking for protein alternatives, people on weight loss programs and due to their Low GI figures they may be suitable for people living with diabetes.

Food Standards Australia states that the daily recommended protein intake for an average adult is 50g - this is based on a diet of 8700 kJ. All of our products provide substantial protein and can help you meet your protein goals.






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From our customers


Today I got lucky. I spotted for the first time your Hermanbrot complete protein loaf in Coles Forster NSW. I could not read the ingredients of it displayed on the loaf, yet interested, I sought an assistant to read this and I was mostly pleased in what I heard after complaining heavily to MACRO breads from Woolworths. They use the very damaging seed oil of canola which is basically a trans fatty oil that kills. Yours reads no oil ✅ congratulations. I expected nothing much re taste and was dying to try it after skipping breakfast …. what a surprise….I toasted 2 slices. WOWW … soooo delicious toasted with EVOO, avocado+salad.and to think it was mainly protein a big bonus. This was unexpectedly delicious. This loaf is a winner and I’m not buying my other breads anymore. Normally I buy all my bread at Go Vita HFS but no more. Thank you Herman. Thank you Mr Dutch Brot. This bread is unbelievable toasted. 👋⭐️

Marguerite Jenkins
Hallidays Point, NSW

As someone who is plant-based, I will often get asked the age-old question “so where do you get your protein from?” There is a huge misconception, that the best source of protein is from meat, eggs and dairy. So when people find out that you don’t eat those things, they often struggle with the idea that your protein intake couldn’t be anything other than poor and hard to come by. Of course, the answer to their question is “from varied and broad
plant-based sources”. One of the best sources of protein, is actually from plants. Luckily for me (and for everyone else) the protein found in
the Herman Brot range is plant-based! I enjoy the Herman Brot range of products daily.

Melbourne, VIC

I have been a diabetic for 15 years and no matter what bread I tried it always
made my blood sugar levels rise dramatically until in the end I had resigned myself to never being able to have bread or toast. Now since discovering your wonderful bread I can once again enjoy eating bread. Your bread not only tastes
amazing but I also feel full longer after eating it and best of all my blood sugars remain stable and no longer spike to high unhealthy levels like all other breads seem to do. Thank you for your great product.

Sydney, NSW

I'd just like to pass on a MASSIVE thank you for creating such a phenomenal product and being so amazing as to sell and ship it to me. I received my order today and dove straight in. This is the first time in over 6 months I've been able to have bread and I was crying (literally) with joy at lunch time. I have changed my eating habits to a ketogenic
lifestyle to lose weight (90kgs) and felt pretty devastated at having a diet
without toast or sandwiches ever again. I\'m so glad you make this amazing product and ship it nationally.So many thanks to you guys!

Melbourne, VIC

I am a big fan of Herman Brot products. As someone who has been plant based for over 6 years and tried a lot of different brands of bread, Herman Brot is sincerely the best bread that I’ve tried on the market. Moreover, the unbelievable assortment of products, all of which make reaching protein intake on a plant based diet more accessible is something I really love about the

Raquel Rebelo - Clinical Nutritionist @radiquel
Perth, WA

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