Our History

Established on the back of 170 years’ experience in the German and French food industry, Herman Brot is a unique Australian supplier of high protein, low carbohydrate and low GI plant based foods.  With a product suite that currently includes low carb bread, low carb buns, low carb wraps, low carb pasta, protein muesli, protein crackers the benefits of these natural and certified products (University of Sydney, SUGiRS) are outstanding and have no competition.

Herman Brot was established on the back of over 170 year’s baking tradition and is focused on the development and sale of natural, satisfying, healthy bread.

Our product is tailor-made to suit the dietary needs of people today, based on experience, research and modern ingenuity without sacrificing traditional taste and quality.

A foundation of authentic family customs and baking experience has established the high quality and taste of our product and we are proud to draw on the heritage of six generations of bakers to continue the tradition of bread as a staple food, and an essential part of your recipe for life ®.

Today Herman Brot is run by Christian, the eldest son of Herman Coenen. Christian is seen pictured alongside his brothers in our logo, taken in 1965 in the family bakery.

With production sites in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Herman Brot product can be found in Independent Supermarkets (IGA, Foodworks, Foodland etc), Coles and Health Food Stores.

Herman Brot is also available in The Middle East thanks to a partnership with Modern Bakery in the UAE.


First bakery shop and offices in Germany 1890.

1950 - Germany - bread production

2010 - Germany - production site

2020 - UAE - Modern Bakery production