Nov 1, 2021

Our Complete Protein Bread launched in supermarkets today and is at the cutting edge of bread development. This bread will WOW the market!

Made from sprouted seeds, pea protein and hemp protein, this bread utilises non soy based complete proteins to help provide a better balance of amino acids than found in standard wheat breads.

With an incredible 33.1g protein per 100g, this bread is also Low Carb (7g/100g), Low GI=39 and provides a good source of iron.

Herman Brot founder Christian Coenen says “The difference between this product and other breads is second to none!”

By sprouting the seeds before baking, the nutritional profile of the seeds are increased, making them more easily digestible. Coupled with the addition of the pre-biotic fibre Inulin, the advanced recipe combination promotes increased bio availability of all minerals and nutrients.

Many plant-based proteins are inherently rich in prolamins, which can be hard on the gut. Our Complete Protein Bread is enriched with a blend of plant-based enzymes and sprouted seeds to kick start the break down proteins with the aim to assist digestion and support a healthy digestive function.

Complete Protein Bread is available nationally at Coles and at select IGA’s, Foodworks, Foodlands, Drakes, SPAR, other Independent Supermarkets and health food stores.

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