We shall process and ship ("dispatch") your orders as a matter of priority or ASAP. 

      1. It is our objective to dispatch all orders within 2 business days of them being placed with us and paid for.  We are usually able to have orders shipped within the 2 business days.

      2. Once your orders have been dispatched, the order delivery-time to get the order to your shipping address will be subject to or dependent upon the delivery service or shipping company selected.

      3. Depending upon the location, the delivery time could be between 2 to 7 days.  Orders are usually delivered Mondays to Fridays.

      4. We shall calculate the shipping price associated with your orders.  The calculation will be dependent on the quantity of product ordered, the region or city to which it is being shipped and (if available) the shipping option selected by you.

      5. We shall charge the shipping price to you and it will form part of the checkout price.

      6. We are currently able to get excellent shipping rates from Shipit who is also able to deliver orders as quickly as currently possible.

      7. Usually, you will be provided with an email to confirm the dispatch of your orders and a tracking number for each order.

      8. Immediately upon the arrival of your order, it is important that you check whether or not all items ordered are included.

      9. If you have inadvertently received an incorrect item from us, DO NOT OPEN IT as we shall not accept any product returns or provide products refunds or credits in relation to products that have been opened, tampered with or products that are not in their original condition.

      10. If you should receive a damaged product, please contact us about it on the day of delivery and keep the damaged product as proof of damage so that you are able send us a photo of the damaged product.